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Grace + Frank share their 101 in 1001 weeks travel wish list

Say what?  Travel where?

Yep, that’s what I said!  Travel to 101 places in 1001 weeks!  I know!  A lot, eh?    The way we see it is like this:  1001 weeks is 19.25 years.  And while no one is guaranteed tomorrow, we also know that if we don’t keep the finish line in mind, we may not get through even a quarter of our list.

I think we’ll be surprised at how fast 75 comes.  One day we’ll be sitting in front of a birthday cake with 86 candles, shaking our heads wondering where on earth the years have gone.  [Ironic side note: as I write this, I can overhear Frank’s conversation with his dad… they are talking about a 5 year warranty on the new reclining chair that he recently purchased and Frank made the astonishing statement that in 5 years his dad will be 91!  His dad, of course laughed and said he can’t believe he is 86 already!]

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