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Exercising your right to vote - made easy with options for Advance, Mobile or Mail-in Voting

Exercising your Right to Vote

This coming Tuesday, May 9th is a Provincial Election Day in British Columbia.  And while I have considered the great gains that have been made over the years to allow women to vote, I have not personally given much thought to the measures that are in place for the disabled or elderly voters.  This year, I decided to look a little more into accommodations that would be available to my folks in their advanced years.

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Starbucks Coffee Dates are a strategy that Grace + Frank use to help prevent caregiver burnout!

Starbucks Coffee Dates

A couple of mornings a week Grace and I have been trying to escape for a Starbucks Coffee Date!  For just an hour or so, a couple of mornings a week, we have a personal support worker (PSW) in to help out at my folks’ place.  While they are at the house, we go out for a little personal time and a cup of Starbucks!  There are a few near to their place.  But we have found one in particular that has become our little haunt.   Sumatra Decaf pour over has become our drink of choice.  It is Starbucks’ only Swiss-water Decaf option!

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Swiss Water Decaf Coffee is a better option than other decaffeinated coffee options

The Need for Decaf Coffee

Coffee is a favourite of mine!  And in my later years I have found that I am less able to drink coffee into the afternoon and evening without it affecting my sleep.  It doesn’t keep me awake, so much as it wakes me up mid-night and keeps me awake for about an hour or so at 3 in the morning.  Not a fan of that!  And especially as we are caregiving for my folks right now.  I really can’t afford to lose an hour of sleep to a cup of coffee.  Enter decaf.

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